[OSM-legal-talk] Australian Government Data from data.gov.au

Tobias Wendorff tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de
Thu Jun 30 10:41:04 UTC 2016

Am Do, 30.06.2016, 12:11 schrieb Simon Poole:
> In contrast we produce open data, as essentially the only player, that
> is used in many different ways and the down stream consumer might be
> very very very many steps away from us, requiring and technically
> implementing extensive attribution of 3rd parties down stream is simply
> completely impractical IMHO (for example you would have to maintain the
> attribution data in every format you convert OSM data to).

First of all, CC-BY is also "open". In many ways, our "open" license is
much more strict than a properity one.

Of course, it might be hard to implement at first sight, but it's not
impractical at all. There could be something like a metadata file, which
tells about IDs affected by a copyright. Maybe I'm keeping it too simple.

But in my opinion, we should be open for other open licenses and allow
some kind of merging or whatever.

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