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Reuben Peterkin reuben_p at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 07:08:10 UTC 2016

I got this email a while ago in response to a request to use data from 
the Queensland Spatial Catalogue catalogue, I'm just wondering if it is 
sufficient for explicit permission or if I will need to liaise more.


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Subject: 	RE: OpenStreetMap Use of CC data <<ref:31910>>
Date: 	Mon, 11 Jul 2016 05:14:27 +0000
From: 	DNRM - Open Data
To: 	reuben_p

Hello Reuben,

Thanks for your question regarding the licensing of data.

You are welcome to use DNRM data as long as you adhere to the terms and 
conditions for each dataset ( these can be found in the metadata).

Information on privacy 
<https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/legal/copyright>and disclaimers 
<https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/legal/disclaimer>that apply to the use of 
DNRM data can be found on our website.

In general, unless otherwise indicated, mostdata is licensed under 
_Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License 

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License

If you are in doubt of the licencing requirements of a specific dataset, 
  send the data’s link or name to opendata 
<mailto:opendata at dnrm.qld.gov.au>and we will advise.

If you have any further questions please reply to this email.


Marc Buckingham

Information Officer

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Postal Address: GPO Box 2454, Brisbane Q 4001


Supporting - Open Data 
Qld Globe <http://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data/queensland-globe>, 

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From: Reuben

Sent: Sunday, 10 July 2016 11:26 AM

To: Qld Place Names

Subject: OpenStreetMap Use of CC data

Hi I was just enquiring to obtain permission to use Department of 
Natural Resources and Mines Creative Commons Licenced data on Open 
Street Map (as they use the ODbL). If you agree to this could you please 
provide an attribution statement/permission (there is one from Transport 
and Main Roads at 

, we would add DNRM permission to this page).




The information in this email together with any attachments is intended 
only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain 
confidential and/or privileged material. There is no waiver of any 
confidentiality/privilege by your inadvertent receipt of this material.

Any form of review, disclosure, modification, distribution and/or 
publication of this email message is prohibited, unless as a necessary 
part of Departmental business.

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sender as quickly as possible and delete this message and any copies of 
this message from your computer and/or your computer system network.


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