[Local-chapters] Items from this weeks teleconference.

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 10:34:53 BST 2009

There was a number of items from this weeks meeting that have been
referred back to the mailing list for comment.

* Requiring Local Chapters to use OpenStreetMap as part of the formal name
** One of the benefits of local chapters is further pushing the name
and branding locally, eg in press releases etc.
* If the local chapter is going to be a working group, the working
group still need to meet the same criteria as stand alone legal
** Requires about 20 people committed to the same goals as OSM
** the working group needs OpenStreetMap as part of the formal name,
eg OpenStreetMap Germany, working group of OSGeo Germany
* Organisations with similar goals, but not the same core goals as OSM
should be affiliates rather than local chapters
* Local chapters should use the OSM logo or a logo derived from the OSM logo

Other topics covered:

* Bylaws/Governing rules will need to be submitted and formally
accepted by OSM-F before a local chapter can become a legal entity
* Legal documentation will need to be shown if a legal entity already exists

Sorry if I overlooked or missed anytthing, I'm sure Nick will post a
link to the minutes shortly if he hasn't already.

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