[Local-chapters] Items from this weeks teleconference.

Ulf Möller usenet at ulfm.de
Fri Sep 11 19:54:11 BST 2009

John Smith schrieb:
> * Requiring Local Chapters to use OpenStreetMap as part of the formal name

Most of them will probably want that anyway, but in some cases it may be 
advisable to use a name in the local language. So I'm not sure it should 
be a requirement.

> * Bylaws/Governing rules will need to be submitted and formally
> accepted by OSM-F before a local chapter can become a legal entity

That sounds like the foundation taking an active role in incorporating 
the local chapters. What effects would that have? Wouldn't it be better 
to have local chapters as independent legal entities that enter into an 
agreement with the foundation?

When we trust them to represent OSM, can't we also trust them to 
organize themselves? (Keep in mind in most cases the OSMF would have to 
hire translators and local lawyers to make any sense of the bylaws...)

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