[Local-chapters] Items from this weeks teleconference.

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 11:20:45 BST 2009

2009/9/12 Jaak Laineste <jaak at nutiteq.com>:
>  In our case we have several data sources from public and also private
> sector which cannot contribute to OSM. Some due to license incompatibility,
> and some with purely technical reasons like OSM not supporting imagery and
> transit data yet. The sources generally can and want to share their data as
> a open source. Technically, we need to create own local database, which is
> maybe 50% OSM, and 50% other sources by the end of the day. Of course we
> want to contribute as much as we can to the global OSM database, but our
> bylaws and actual activities are still 50% OSM and 50% not directly related
> with OSM.
>  So I would not go too far with the parallel to Wikimedia. Wikipedia is
> quite unique and specific project, and it is not probable that there are
> existing local entities and activities with similar aim. There you need
> special organizations. Open geodata is wider concept, which needs more
> localization, therefore looser relation between local chapters and OSM-F
> makes sense for me. We are not only local representatives of OSM, we need to
> do much more; and I feel that this actually in the spirit of OSM more than
> strictly limiting ourselves with OSM.

That highlights my point about affiliates v local chapters perfectly.

Local chapters are the local "face" of OSM and part of this is for the
further promotion of OSM, which is more specific than simply
supporting Open GEO data.

This doesn't stop similar organisations from affiliating with each
other, or being sister organisations, but it isn't the same thing as a
local chapter.

Unless the core goals are identical OSM will loose potential PR
opportunities because the core goals differ and so what gets pushed
will differ.

The only exception is where there is a working group within a much
larger organisation that can commit enough volunteers that meet the
guidelines for a stand alone legal entity.

I don't think OSM local chapters should be all that dissimilar to
wikimedia local chapters which part of their core goals is to further
promote the wikimedia foundation and wikipedia.

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