[Local-chapters] Draft OpenStreetMap Local Chapter Agreement v0.3 [updated]

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 15:15:57 BST 2009

--- On Wed, 16/9/09, Cragg Nilson <cragg.nilson at gmail.com> wrote:

> 3.2 The Federated Organisation may be required by the

> Foundation to provide local services to its members.

> Examples of services may include

> running a local website, administration of a mailing list,

> and organising local meetings.

I think this is undue burden, just because people are capable of
forming a local organisation to support OSM doesn't mean they are
capable or willing to run their own infrastructure.

> 3.3 The Federated Organisation members will automatically

> become

> members, with all the associated rights and obligations,

> including

> specifically voting rights, of any ordinary Foundation

> member.

This is a little cluttered, I think it can be simplified as just:

3.3 Members of Federated Organisations must have voting rights within
the organisation, which include but is not limited to electing a board
to represent the group.

or something to that effect, under local assocation rules there is
only a vote if there is more than one person nominating for a

> 3.4

> the Federated Organisation will permit the Foundation or

> its duly

> elected representative to inspect, on request, copies of

> the Federated

> Organisation's membership records, financial accounts

> and other records.

I still think this will be in conflict with privacy laws of various countries.

> 4.2 the Federated Organisation will cede control

> of all web presence that references OpenStreetMap including

> but not

> limited to domain names, forums, mailing lists to the

> Foundation.

Without any clauses for ajudication I think this is just too broad and
wouldn't sign it.

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