[Local-chapters] Draft OpenStreetMap Local Chapter Agreement v0.3 [updated]

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Wed Sep 16 18:06:56 BST 2009

El Miércoles, 16 de Septiembre de 2009, John Smith escribió:
> --- On Wed, 16/9/09, Cragg Nilson <cragg.nilson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 3.2 The Federated Organisation may be required by the
> > Foundation to provide local services to its members.
> > Examples of services may include running a local website, administration 
> > of a mailing list, and organising local meetings.
> I think this is undue burden, just because people are capable of
> forming a local organisation to support OSM doesn't mean they are
> capable or willing to run their own infrastructure.

It says " *MAY* be required".

And by "organising local meetings", I think the OSMF really means "set up 
mapping parties, get some work done, and get drunk afterwards!".

> > 3.4 the Federated Organisation will permit the Foundation or
> > its duly elected representative to inspect, on request, copies of
> > the Federated Organisation's membership records, financial accounts
> > and other records.
> I still think this will be in conflict with privacy laws of various
> countries.

On the other hand, some jurisdictions (mine) require these records to be 

This doesn't mean that chapter members shouldn't be aware of this point when 
applying for chapter membership.

> > 4.2 the Federated Organisation will cede control of all web presence that 
> > references OpenStreetMap including but not limited to domain names, 
> > forums, mailing lists to the Foundation.
> Without any clauses for ajudication I think this is just too broad and
> wouldn't sign it.


It is indeed a broad definition. IMHO it should be customised for every 

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