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Kozlik, Scott - DOT Scott.Kozlik at dot.wi.gov
Fri Dec 2 20:23:49 UTC 2016

Hello.  I have been tasked with finding out if we would be able to suggest alternate routes for a full roadway closure in OpenStreetMap  As an example: let's say a blizzard hits Wisconsin and emergency management closes I-94 in both directions at Location A.  Normally, OpenStreetMap would show this closure and reroute people based on the most logical alternate route.  What we're looking to do is see if we can send an email to this address and try to get users to exit to Location B rather than A.  In this scenario, Location B would be a state, or US highway, WisDOT has control over and is a known-passable highway, rather than Location A, which may be impassable, but is considered the logical alternate route.

Is this something that is possible?  Thank you for your time and I do look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Kozlik
WisDOT - Bureau of Traffic Operations
Statewide Traffic Operations Center

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