[Mapcss] Proposal: Drop css's ugly colour specifications

Jonathan Harley jon at spiffymap.net
Mon Feb 7 13:06:30 GMT 2011

On 07/02/11 12:21, Steve Bennett wrote:
> Ok, actually that leads to a more compelling argument: the #abcdef
> format does sort of trap MapCSS within the website world, whereas it
> has every right to be used for print maps that have never seen a
> browser. (But then, allowing both #abcdef and rgb(35.672,99.99,0)
> achieves that...)

Isn't the point of having a CSS-like syntax for map styling, to be 
familiar to web developers who've used CSS?

In my experience, most web developers find learning CSS hard, and many 
resist spending any more time on it than necessary to accomplish the 
task at hand. Surely making mapcss look like CSS, but then behave 
differently at key points, is the worst of both worlds.


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