[Mapcss] Proposal: Drop css's ugly colour specifications

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 13:28:31 GMT 2011

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 12:06 AM, Jonathan Harley <jon at spiffymap.net> wrote:
> In my experience, most web developers find learning CSS hard, and many
> resist spending any more time on it than necessary to accomplish the task at
> hand.

It's worth pointing out that MapCSS is a very niche technology, and
whereas many thousands of people are forced to dip a toe in the CSS
water against their will, that's unlikely with MapCSS. People who are
customising map stylesheets are probably geeks to begin with and are
probably playing with it partially for fun.

I'd also point out that the main difficulties with CSS tend to be the
conceptual ones: the the box model, understanding how text flows, and
browser differences. The only conceptual difficulty in MapCSS that
I've come across is layers: it's decidely counter-intuitive that two
different rules that happen to share a layer will have their
attributes merged together. Other than that, you don't have the
incredibly complex interactions between different HTML elements to
deal with...


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