[Mapcss] Making it approachable

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Feb 7 17:51:35 GMT 2011

Some interesting reading today!

Rather than going through stuff point-by-point I'd just make one general 
observation, which is: simple is good; approachable is good. Ok, that 
was two general observations.

If a newbie who knows some (web) CSS can write:

	way[highway=motorway] { width: 10; color: #0000FF; }
	way[highway=trunk] { width: 8; color: #00FF00; }
	way[highway=primary] { width: 8; color: #FF0000; }

and click "refresh", then see the map appear as they expect, then that's 
great. We have a convert.

The "implement layers through eval and z-index" stuff is clever and 
architecturally neat, but doesn't pass the above test. It would be kind 
of like removing <p>, <ul>, <li> and everything from HTML, simply 
leaving <div> and <span>. Architecturally beautiful and utterly logical 
(after all, they can all be specified in CSS), but a PITA to work with.

Similarly for the colour stuff. Having multiply operations and all of 
that would be great. But it shouldn't be at the cost of rejecting a 
universally known, though perhaps slightly imperfect, standard.


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