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Komяpa me at komzpa.net
Mon Jan 31 17:25:17 GMT 2011

Hi everybody.

I've been developing a mapnik stylesheet for OSM data at
kosmosnimki.ru for some time.
Main map there is from commercial map data providers, but for some
places where they lack coverage OSM is used.
A couple of links to such OSM extracts:
http://kosmosnimki.ru/permalink.html?Nce4b1b72 - Minsk, Belarus (all
Belarus is from OSM data at z10-)
http://kosmosnimki.ru/permalink.html?Nd4b9a5dd - Rzhev, Russia (at z12-)
http://kosmosnimki.ru/permalink.html?Nc02e38b4 - Valaam island, Russia.

All that things were rendered using mapnik 0.7.1, postgis 2.0 and
postgres 9.0. Other versions weren't checked, although might work too

Why mapnik? It's stable, rather fast and proved to be able to render
OSM data. It turned out that I'm too lazy to make my own rendering
engine of production-quality in short term.

But, I hate mapnik's stylesheets. That's why I wrote a
mapcss-to-mapnik stylesheet converter, komap.


There are some limitations: it can't really do cascading. I tried to
implement cascading, but resultimg mapnik stylesheets were 100+mb
which is too large. Looking forward to mapnik2, which probably will
let to do it better.

But, there are some cool features inside too:
 - long roads that were cut into pieces are glued back and are
labelled once, which is extremely useful in cities;
 - large cut-into-parts polygons are labelled once, or, at least, not
too often:  http://osm.org/go/e6aAYh_@- vs.
http://latlon.org/~komzpa/screenshots/komap1.png ;
 - L-shaped objects have their labels inside of them, not in center of
their bbox - http://kosmosnimki.ru/permalink.html?Nea27164d ;
 - If a marker has a label, and collision algorythms decide that label
doesn't fit into image, both label and a marker are taken away from
 - It really takes layer= tag into account:
 - It somewhat tries to generate optimized SQL. It's not perfect, but works ;)

Why implementing a style converter instead of making mapnik understand
mapcss? Well, a converter could probably be easily modified to make
stylesheets for other renderers, like GeoServer or MapServer or

I don't hope that it will be useful for somebody; it is already useful
for me. Enjoy ;)

Darafei "Komяpa" Praliaskouski
xmpp:me at komzpa.net mailto:me at komzpa.net

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