[Mapcss] text

Sebastian Klein bastikln at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 14 14:03:28 GMT 2011


this is about the 'text' property and possibilities to determine the text label string. 

At the moment, the only option is to specify a certain key and the renderer will look up the corresponding tag value and display it (if found). This is somewhat limited, it would be nice to show a localized name if present and fall back to the generic or English name otherwise. Or display the name of a building, and if no name is given, show the house number. This would be written like 'text-source: auto;' or 'text-method: building;'. On top of that, is should be possible to provide a static string as label or use an eval expression to determine the text value.

Compared to a simple property such as 'width: 5;', the 'text' property works in a more complicated manner as it explicitly refers to the object tags. So it might be appropriate to change the name to something more complicated, like 'text-from-tag'. It is less memorable, but more clear in meaning.

Any suggestions how all this could be represented?


(related ticket: http://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/6107)

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