[Mapcss] MapCSS 0.2 finalization and cleanup

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sat Apr 28 10:25:35 BST 2012

I'm not inside MapCSS-Developing currently, but what do you all think 
about the idea of implementing a "mapcss test center".
It's a idea that came to my mind while reading the last messages on the 
list, so probably it's a bad one, but who knows...

I guess, all mapcss implementations should be able to take
1) a mapcss file or string
2) map data (not sure, if here osm.xml is or easily could be a common 
base format)
and produce an image out of that.

What about implementing this into e.g. a java toolkit (java, because 
it's running on any major OS usually), that enables the user to
- write a mapcss-style
- get rendering results of all registered renderers

This could be used
1) to check rendering results
2) to compare renderings and identify compatibility problems (between 
implementations and compared to the "standard")
3) as a design tool for style designers, including mapcss validation, 
probably giving hints or helping with "shortcomings" like the idea 
proposed by Thomas about nesting rules - as the tool could give an 
option for "make more specialized rule".

Just an idea - even if I don't have time to work on it.


Am 28.04.2012 10:59, schrieb Komяpa:
> Hello everyone,
> We all know everyone is willing to make their renderer the best one.
> Everyone has own purpuose - some are targeting on speed, some are
> willing to provide good editing experience, some want to just show
> something to the user...
> So, what do I propose:
> 1. Count and list active renderer developers. Those who really have
> time to fix minor things and want to have a badge "Supports MapCSS 0.2
> final".
> 2. Set up a deadline. Something real, like 1st of June (or July),
> 2012, when a spec will be marked "final", and all things post this
> date will go to further versions/extensions/discussions.
> 3. Chop the current draft to really really basic things. As we see,
> almost noone supports extrude, not everyone has support for eval(),
> .pseudoclasses aren't widely used, shields aren't implemented in most
> software, set and exit; ...
> So, we make a list of core features that everyone supports or will be
> able to support in the nearest time.
> 4. Split all the stuff that's chopped from 0.2 spec into some separate
> features for further discussion.
> 5. Draw beautiful badges "Powered by MapCSS" for sites and renderers.
> Are there any supporters for this initiative? :3
> Why:
> Lately, I've tried to make a stylesheet that will look the same in
> kothic, komap, potlatch and josm, and wasn't able to do it, because
> even basic things like casing-width are handled differently in all of
> these.
> I just want to have a strict subset of MapCSS that will work
> everywhere for sure. :3

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