[Mapcss] MapCSS 0.2 finalization and cleanup

Thomas Davie tom.davie at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 10:11:28 BST 2012

It's a great goal, and I'd be very up for getting OSP into shape to accept 0.2 spec MapCSS.

I agree on pretty much all your points about what should be cut with one exception – shields.  OSP doesn't actually support them, but I think they're valuable to have, and simple to implement, I suspect most people who haven't implemented them (myself included) will have not done so out of laziness, rather than an issue with them.

One other tweak I'd like to propose is the dropping of a syntactic leniency which has some nasty consequences.  Namely, that the last declaration in a specifier list does not need a semicolon after it in the current spec.  This (surprisingly) is sufficient to stop the grammar being LALR(1)!  More so, I don't really see what it gives the language, beyond the ability to easily generate syntax errors while adding declarations.  I realise my reasons for requesting this are a bit selfish – they have a lot to do with the style of implementation I have chosen for my MapCSS parser, but I do think there are compelling reasons for it too.


Tom Davie
if (*ra4 != 0xffc78948) { return false; }

On 28 Apr 2012, at 09:59, Komяpa wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> We all know everyone is willing to make their renderer the best one.
> Everyone has own purpuose - some are targeting on speed, some are
> willing to provide good editing experience, some want to just show
> something to the user...
> So, what do I propose:
> 1. Count and list active renderer developers. Those who really have
> time to fix minor things and want to have a badge "Supports MapCSS 0.2
> final".
> 2. Set up a deadline. Something real, like 1st of June (or July),
> 2012, when a spec will be marked "final", and all things post this
> date will go to further versions/extensions/discussions.
> 3. Chop the current draft to really really basic things. As we see,
> almost noone supports extrude, not everyone has support for eval(),
> .pseudoclasses aren't widely used, shields aren't implemented in most
> software, set and exit; ...
> So, we make a list of core features that everyone supports or will be
> able to support in the nearest time.
> 4. Split all the stuff that's chopped from 0.2 spec into some separate
> features for further discussion.
> 5. Draw beautiful badges "Powered by MapCSS" for sites and renderers.
> Are there any supporters for this initiative? :3
> Why:
> Lately, I've tried to make a stylesheet that will look the same in
> kothic, komap, potlatch and josm, and wasn't able to do it, because
> even basic things like casing-width are handled differently in all of
> these.
> I just want to have a strict subset of MapCSS that will work
> everywhere for sure. :3
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