[Mapcss] Development of MapCSS?

Andrew Shadura bugzilla at tut.by
Sat Mar 9 12:34:43 UTC 2013


On Sat, 9 Mar 2013 00:30:04 +0100
Jo <winfixit at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you want the same level of support in other products, why don't you
> implement what has been done in JOSM already? Why is it a problem that
> extra functionality is implemented first in JOSM?

I do not represent "any other products". The problem is thing do not
simply get implemented, the proper way is to decide how to implement
them. Without thinking about that it all soon becomes a mess. And a
mess it is now.

> Do I really have to wait until this has been discussed, before it can
> become implemented? On the one hand, that would be good, as it may
> mean other people can give their insight on feasibility and how to
> best implement it. But apart from this thread, it's rather silent on
> this list...

Yes, we really do need to discuss things. If JOSM guys came here and
said, we want to implement 'in' operation in selectors, and we want to
use ~= syntax, I could tell them: why not just call it 'in' how it's
done in other languages? Same for ^=, *=, $= — all of them could be
implemented with a unified-style glob operation like this:

highway *= "foo*"
highway *= "*tway"
highway *= "*ootwa*"

In my opinion, it's much clearer and leaves possibility for other
symbols to be used when needed. Actually, the only benefit of this
glob-like operation or JOSM-style ^=/*=/$= is that it's usually faster
than a regex... Which is basically when you can't precompile a regex
beforehand; regexes are usually of the same speed when pre-compiled.

Anyway, this is just an example. There are more things, and we could
discuss them and find a good consensus. Thought thrives on conflict,
you know.

WBR, Andrew
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