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Ákos Maróy akos at maroy.hu
Tue Sep 3 07:44:24 UTC 2013


I'm a member of the Open Aviation Map project,
http://openaviationmap.org/ , where we've been using SLDs with the
GeoTools toolset to render our maps. But SLDs have a number of
shortcomings for us, and I'd like to as here about MapCSS if these
features are planned to be supported in the future, or if the MapCSS
community would think any of these features 'interesting' for possible

What we need and have not found in any of the rendering languages
around, including MapCSS, are the following:

  * ability to specify rendering sizes in 'target device size'
      o for example, specify that a line would have 'a width of 5mm on
        the viewers device', instead of specifying a number of pixels
  * the ability to specify a 'buffer' on the edge lines of an area in
    target-device size
      o for example, specify that the area's edge should have an 'area
        5mm thick inside the area, filled with a slanted line fill, or
        with a semi-transparent color'

I wonder if any of the above makes sense to the MapCSS community.

best regards,


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