[Mapcss] SotM Birds of a Feather

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Sep 8 14:25:09 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We've just had an interesting 'Birds of a Feather' session at SotM about

There's an increasing number of projects using MapCSS - for example, at
SotM we found out about OSMSharp (http://www.osmsharp.com/tags/mapcss).
However, we have problems with documentation, fragmentation and lack of

So the two main actions coming out of the meeting were:

== Improve documentation ==

We can provide in one place:
- language reference
- a list of all the different projects that use MapCSS
- pointers to the community (i.e. this mailing list)

At the moment we have http://www.mapcss.org/, which is a fairly basic
static page with links elsewhere.

A good way forward would be to move this to GitHub Pages
(http://pages.github.com/) which is a fairly standard way of providing
collaborative project documentation. This will make it much easier for the
various MapCSS-using projects to contribute.

If everyone's happy with this (Emilie, I believe you own the domain!) then
I'll set up some initial pages and we can go from there.

== Provide stylesheets ==

Andy made the good point that MapCSS effectively has a harder learning
curve because there's very little "prior art" for people to start from -
you can't really fork a stylesheet, you have to start from scratch.

We can fix this by providing a handful of stylesheets. In addition, we can
make an effort to make sure these render the same in different renderers,
thereby bringing the implementations closer together.

So if you have a stylesheet, pipe up and we can get it linked/hosted from
mapcss.org. I'll also have a go at producing a simple
roads/railways/rivers stylesheet to add to the collection.

== Anything else? ==

If you were at the BoF and there's something I've missed, do say! Thanks
to everyone for coming along.


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