[MapRoulette] Inaugural post - welcome!

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon Jul 28 23:59:18 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Thanks for subscribing to maproulette at openstreetmap.org! I thought I
should write an inaugural post to welcome the first subscribers, so
here you go.

Right now we're casting a wide net and have this mailing list serve
regular MapRoulette users, (potential) challenge authors, and
(potential) developers alike. Let's see if that works.

I would also like to point you to some other resources available to
MapRoulette enthusiasts:

* The issue list on Github, which remains the best place to file bugs
and suggest new features -->
* The MapRoulette dev server, for experimenting with the challenge API
and testing new challenges before they go live -->
http://dev.maproulette.org/ . Note that this server is also the
staging server for new MapRoulette releases, so it may be ahead of
what's on maproulette.org. Also, the database contents may be wiped at
any time and some downtime is likely to happen at random.
* The API documentation is at
* I am writing up a Challenge Creation Tutorial, but for now, my
workshop at SOTM-EU may help:
* IRC - both Serge and I hang out on IRC quite a bit, check #osm or #osm-dev

Happy MapRouletting,
Martijn van Exel

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