[MapRoulette] Challenge #2406 - JOSM Instructions - Adding Wiki info for Indian districts

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Mon Mar 27 15:03:08 UTC 2017


There was a little confusion over the challenge instructions. So, here are
the detailed instructions with screenshots!
The instructions assume that you are using JOSM and "Wikipedia" plugin.

Challenge URL - http://maproulette.org/map/2406

Step - 1
The districts (county) are mapped as relations with an admin level of 5.
They are spread across a large area. JOSM will not load such large areas.
Please zoom in on the boundary. The ways (at least one) in the relation
should be downloaded. So, please zoom in on the boundary way.
(See screenshot - 1a & 1b)

Step - 2
Select the relation.
(See screenshot - 2)

Step - 3
Wikipedia window has the option to load all the Wiki articles with
coordinates in the area visible. As the district relations are spread
across a large area, please zoom out and check for Wiki articles using the
"Coordinates" button.
In case if the articles are not loaded, please search Wikipedia directly
and copy the article slug from the end of the Wikipedia district article
URL. Paste it in JOSM using "Clipboard" button in Wikipedia window.
(See screenshot - 3)

Step - 4
(Relation should already be selected.) Select the Wiki article from the
list and click on "Add" button. This will load the Wikidata for the article
and will add both the tags to the relation.
(See screenshot - 4)

[1a] -
[1b] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -

* If you couldn't find the Wiki info, please leave the task and mark as
"Too difficult/Couldn't see".
* Original discussion in OSM India mailing list -
* Screenshots are CC by SA 4.0. Feel free to use them where ever you want!
* For any help with the challenge, feel free to contact me.
* Thanks for your help!

Srihari Thalla
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