[Merkaartor] Windows nightly builds

Ladislav Laska laska at kam.mff.cuni.cz
Sat May 28 18:55:41 UTC 2016


I made some more work, and there are now nightly builds available for Windows.

You can get them here:  https://bintray.com/krakonos/nightly/Merkaartor

It still might have some quirks. They are generated via Tea-CI, which is an
MSYS2 CI running under wine, fork of Dron, released just a few days ago. Every
commit gets build for now, but I might limit it and delete older versions.

The bintray page is a terrible. I was expecting something much more polished, so
sorry for all the confusing links. I will still link the releases on the web and
github, perhaps even the nightlies once I write some code to get them.

If you know of other (better) site that can be used to upload executables mostly
without limit, let me know!

Anyway, please let me know if the installers and builds are working as expected.
There are built in different environment, with newer libraries and such. 

I also cleared the list of bugs waiting for 0.18.3, so if noone reports
problems, I will make a release soon (TM). I know I promised the end of january,
but some of the bugs neede fixing, as did the build system, and I didn't have
time to tinker with it. The Tea-CI came to the rescue, so here we are!

S pozdravem Ladislav Láska                          <laska at kam.mff.cuni.cz>
Katedra Aplikované Matematiky, MFF UK               tel.: +420 739 464 167

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