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Sorry, perhaps the first time I sent my request to the wrong mailing list.

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Date: 2009/9/30
Subject: Revert request - Russia, Irkutsk - Evgeny Mandrikov
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We have a problem in Irkutsk, Russia.

>From August 2008 to February 2009, Evgeny
made the import of a whole city, but made it very casually: duplicate
streets, unclosed contours of buildings, addresses as names of buildings,
etc. Look at http://osm.org/go/8MwZTStYI-

Many users, including myself, asked him when he plans to correct all the
mistakes that he made during the import. (see
http://godin.net.ru/ru/blog/08/09/04/irkutsk-na-openstreetmap-pervye-shagi -
entry in his blog). He says that he has no time for it.

At this time, in our local community, Irkutsk cited as an example of how you
should not do. The same suspicion legality of imports, especially from a no
loops houses - say that this is a clear sign that the map was exported from
Garmin map.

I asked Eugene, that was the source of these data, to which he replied to me
that this is the map drawn on the work of GPS tracks. However, the main
streets are not placed on tracks uploaded to OSM.
Hence, I conclude that he speaks a lie.

Over this user did nothing in the OSM.

Total: I believe that all the changes the user should be rolled back, as
none of the users will undertake to repair the huge number of errors - is
easier to redraw from scratch, the more so because there is a
high-resolution images of Yahoo.

Who can do this?

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