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On 30 Sep 2009, at 10:41, Aleksandr Dezhin wrote:

> Sorry, perhaps the first time I sent my request to the wrong mailing  
> list.
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> Date: 2009/9/30
> Subject: Revert request - Russia, Irkutsk - Evgeny Mandrikov
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> Hi!
> We have a problem in Irkutsk, Russia.
> From August 2008 to February 2009, Evgeny Mandrikov has made the  
> import of a whole city, but made it very casually: duplicate  
> streets, unclosed contours of buildings, addresses as names of  
> buildings, etc. Look at http://osm.org/go/8MwZTStYI-
> Many users, including myself, asked him when he plans to correct all  
> the mistakes that he made during the import. (see http://godin.net.ru/ru/blog/08/09/04/irkutsk-na-openstreetmap-pervye-shagi 
>  - entry in his blog). He says that he has no time for it.
> At this time, in our local community, Irkutsk cited as an example of  
> how you should not do. The same suspicion legality of imports,  
> especially from a no loops houses - say that this is a clear sign  
> that the map was exported from Garmin map.
> I asked Eugene, that was the source of these data, to which he  
> replied to me that this is the map drawn on the work of GPS tracks.  
> However, the main streets are not placed on tracks uploaded to OSM.
> Hence, I conclude that he speaks a lie.
> Over this user did nothing in the OSM.
> Total: I believe that all the changes the user should be rolled  
> back, as none of the users will undertake to repair the huge number  
> of errors - is easier to redraw from scratch, the more so because  
> there is a high-resolution images of Yahoo.

Your emails are coming in very strangely - The first email is archived  
as being sent in July [1], this second attempt is not shown as being  
complete on the archive[2].




> Who can do this?
> Thanks.
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