[OSM-newbies] Splitting streets into one ways--too much?

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 03:01:07 GMT 2010

First, my apologies for misunderstanding the situation. I should have
looked closer at the Bing imagery - I didn't see the medians.
>> 1) It renders badly. In every renderer. Spurious one-way arrows, the
>> road comes out looking wider, you get the extra lines down the middle,
>> ugly intersections...
> I think one could be argued that one should not omit for the renderer.

If anyone made that argument I would vigorously point out that:
a) "don't tag for the renderer" is a guideline applied in specific
circumstances, not an axiom.
b) when *every* renderer behaves a certain way, it's not "tagging for
the renderer", it's "tagging for renderers", or in common language,
c) the "don't tag for the renderer" guideline applies in situations
where it's likely that support for more appropriate tags will be added
in the foreseeable future. We're a long way from that point with this
kind of sub-road-level stuff.

But once again, my bad, sorry for creating noise.


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