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Mike N. niceman at att.net
Fri Jul 23 13:31:59 BST 2010

>In OSM, today I put some POIs in the edit mode and saved them. When I went to view mode, I got some of my newly put points but not all. Does it take time to show those all on the view mode? Or am I making any mistake here ?

  Some types of POIs are not shown because no one has defined a way to render them on Mapnik.  In other cases, POIs that are too close to each other won't be shown because they would overwrite something else and would cause a cluttered display.   You can try to select the "Osmarender" layer under the plus (+) sign to see if they are shown there.     The Osmarender layer updates at different times than Mapnik and your updates may take longer to show there.

 Checking the "Data view" under the plus sign is also useful to check and display all POIs, regardless if they are rendered.
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