[Osmf-talk] Foundation Membership report

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Thu Apr 16 20:43:38 UTC 2009

Dear members,

I've added three new members and some renewals tonight and our current membership stands at 149, roughly 40% up from the beginning of the year.  

Hugh Barnes, a contributor from Australia, was our 200th unique sign-up on the 2nd April.

Churn, members who sign-up for a year and then do not renew, has been very high so I have been much more careful in following up each member when they join and when you need to renew. 

   6 Expired and not yet renewed 2009
  38 Expired and not yet renewed 2008
    9 Expired and not renewed 2007

I hope also that the this new member's mailing list will improve communication.  

Foundation Working Groups are becoming increasingly active and there is new section on the Foundation member's website http://foundation.openstreetmap.org/working-groups/ for letting you know what they are and what they do.

The Technical Working Group is on track to begin tomorrow's migration of OpenStreetMap servers to the new 0.6 API.

The Data Working Group has successfully concluded a bulk removal of apparently copyright-infringing data from Lithuania and has put in place a formal procedure for reporting and dealing with possible copyright violations.

The License Working Group is now going to meeting twice per week and is currently waiting for the release version of the Open Database License, ODbL 1.0.

The StateoftheMap Organizing Committee is a combined task force of board members and Dutch ground organisers for this year's new 3-day format conference in Amsterdam, July 10-12 http://www.stateofthemap.org.  Registrations and general planning are running well ahead of last year at the same time so a successful outcome is anticipated.  Hotels expect accommodation to go fast, so if you are coming, better book a room now,  http://www.stateofthemap.org/local-and-travel/stay/ has some hints.

Mike Collinson
Membership secretary

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