Ulf Möller um at ulfm.de
Sun Aug 16 12:16:34 UTC 2009

James Brown schrieb:

> I agree.  I think that the best course is to let the electorate decide  
> in each election.

As Mikel wrote, there are many potential conflicts of interest, not just 

However, I do think this issue should be discussed by the Foundation 
membership when the Articles of Association are reviewed.

> I'd add that I do not see any real alternative.

If the Foundation decides to set a limit, it's certainly doable. See, 
for example, the GNOME Foundation bylaws 

"No organization, corporation or similar entity, or any affiliate 
thereof, shall hold, directly or indirectly, more than 40% of the Board 
seats, regardless of election results. In the event that any election of 
directors results in a single entity representing greater than 40% of 
the Board, than the nominee representing that entity receiving the least 
number of votes, shall be replaced by the nominee receiving the greatest 
number of votes who was not elected to the Board. In the event that the 
resignation or removal of a director results in a single entity 
representing greater than 40% of the Board, the Board shall as soon as 
practicable, appoint a new director not representing that entity to 
serve until the next election of directors. For the purposes of this 
section, "affiliate" shall mean representatives who are employees, 
officers, or members of the Board of Directors of an entity; who have a 
significant consulting relationship with an entity; or who own at least 
1% of the equity or debt, or derivatives thereof, of an entity."

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