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On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 06:12:46PM -0700, SteveC wrote:
> But lets look at the real issue, Frederik. You're intensely jealous  
> that your own firm, GeoFabrik, which you didn't bother to declare in  
> your anti-CM email, has had little success compared to CloudMade. Your  

You probably shouldn't post things like this without talking to your
lawyer. We are not going to sue you over this, but other companies
might not like talk like this.

> jealous to the point of stripping all references to me out of your  
> book on OpenStreetMap. You don't want anyone who's not from Germany to  

Steve, please, if you lie, then lie in a way that can't be checked by looking
in our book on page 164 in chapter 14.6 titled "Karten von CloudMade" ("Maps
from CloudMade"). The first sentence says: "Die englische Firma Cloudmade, zu
deren Gründern der OpenStreetMap-Erfinder Steve Coast gehört, ..." (The English
company CloudMade, to whichs founders belongs the OpenStreetMap-Inventor Steve
Coast, ...) (Sorry for the bad translation, I have tried to keep to the
original.) This quote is from the 2nd Edition (ISBN 978-3-86541-320-8).

Sorry if I don't have respect for people who lie and know it. Because Frederik
any you have talked about this very issue already.

> come to your German-only German SOTM your planning because you want  
> your own little empire and fame.

Where did you get this from? Everybody is of course welcome to the conference
we are planning. The conference language will be German, because thats the
language that people here in Germany speak. I am sorry that this excludes
a few billion people on this planet, but it includes the people in Germany
who don't feel as comfortable with the English language. We already have an
English language international conference (SOTM) and the one the German
community is planning just caters to a different audience.

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