Floris Looijesteijn osm at floris.nu
Thu Aug 20 09:18:42 UTC 2009

Nick Black wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Over the last year, the ongoing barrage of accusations relating to the
> integrity of me, Steve and other CloudMade employees has been tiring
> at best and insulting at worst.  They are significantly lessened by
> the fact that with OSM we are building something that is so incredible
> it defies words.

Because of the history of Cloudmade you are bound to get those accusations.
But I agree it looks like throwing with mud and you also have support and
respect from a large part of the community.

> The unauthorized use of Foundation membership details to pursue a
> personal agenda - membership details that I have personally been
> arguing long and hard within the Foundation and the Board should be
> released publicly - is a new low.

I totally agree with this. When I read Frederiks mail the first thing I
thought was 'Hey, did I miss something? There already is a list
When I sent a vote reminder to the dutch mailing list I specifically
refrained from putting my opinions in there.


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