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Frederik Ramm wrote:
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>James Livingston wrote:
>> So if the board did start abusing their power, someone simply needs to
>> get the requisite fraction of the membership to agree with them (10%
>> to force an EGM, and then enough to win a vote at the EGM).
>Yes, at least with a membership of 200 this is possible. (Once you are
>at 10,000 members it will become very difficult, which is why other
>organisations seem to have gone away from using linear quorums.)
>However, this would require people to have reliable information about
>such abuse taking place, and this again would require, at the very
>least, good documentation of board meetings and decisions. In the past,
>such meeting minutes have not always been forthcoming, and quite a
>number of things that I personally found relevant never found their way
>into the minutes. It would be unwise to assume that this is going to
>change magically somehow.

Frederik, a couple of points you make here I think I need to question. You
say re board meetings that "meeting minutes have not always been
forthcoming". I'm not aware of any minutes being missing.

Secondly you say that "quite a number of things that I personally found
relevant never found their way into the minutes". I'm not sure I understand
what you mean here as I can't recall you having been present at any of the
board meetings. The board approves the minutes of each meeting in any case.

>Plus, doing an EGM and possibly kicking out someone for bad behaviour of
>course causes much more effort, cost, and bad blood and if there are
>ways to not even take any risks by having a well-balanced board in the
>first place that is always preferable IMHO.

I think we can safely say we will have a well balanced board. We have
received over 150 email proxy votes (still being verified) from around the
world and together with the voting at the AGM I think we can safely say that
the OSMF members have had their full opportunity to state their views and
I'm really very pleased to see that they have.



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