[Osmf-talk] Members rights

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Aug 21 06:47:45 UTC 2009


James Livingston wrote:
> So if the board did start abusing their power, someone simply needs to  
> get the requisite fraction of the membership to agree with them (10%  
> to force an EGM, and then enough to win a vote at the EGM).

Yes, at least with a membership of 200 this is possible. (Once you are 
at 10,000 members it will become very difficult, which is why other 
organisations seem to have gone away from using linear quorums.)

However, this would require people to have reliable information about 
such abuse taking place, and this again would require, at the very 
least, good documentation of board meetings and decisions. In the past, 
such meeting minutes have not always been forthcoming, and quite a 
number of things that I personally found relevant never found their way 
into the minutes. It would be unwise to assume that this is going to 
change magically somehow.

Plus, doing an EGM and possibly kicking out someone for bad behaviour of 
course causes much more effort, cost, and bad blood and if there are 
ways to not even take any risks by having a well-balanced board in the 
first place that is always preferable IMHO.


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