[Osmf-talk] Two day of down server is not possible !!!!

Roberto Navoni r.navoni at radionav.it
Sat Aug 22 21:07:46 UTC 2009

Il giorno 22/ago/09, alle ore 19:25, Richard Weait ha scritto:

> On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Roberto  
> Navoni<r.navoni at radionav.it> wrote:
>> If osm Will became a standard Service alternative to gmap or other
>> Service is important the redudancy of systems is not a problem of
>> customers fee . Now the customers is 125000 osm is AN a big community
>> need a backup server distribuited around the world
Hi Richard
thanks for your reply

> Dear Roberto,
> That is one vision for the future of OpenStreetMap.  Do you know,
> Roberto, that you could be  running your own OSM server, with regular
> updates from the main server, and could be offering your own tiles and
> services to your clients right now?  You have these capabilities
> because of the freedoms granted you by the OpenStreetMap project.

The last winter I work for implement an a VM that support all the  
service of OSM Servers . So I followed the istruction on wiki and  
produce an a VM that support API , mapnik renders and standard Ruby on  
Rails Website.

But the problem is not that If I can or not develop a fork of OSM  
server. The problem is that now all the entusiastic User are promote www.openstreetmap.org 
  website , promote the use of Josm and Potlatch and promote api that  
use directly the main server of openstreetmap . So OSM is not a small  
project only for a small  community user , but We propose OSM as  
alternative to GMAP for the application ...
The idea is that if there're some resource for OSM server Clone around  
the world is better to have only one approch to develop one strategy  
for support a large and growing user community , and for supporting  
fault tollerant approach.

The down for 48 hours is bad immage for the project. So I see that  
actualy also google code are in mantenaince , but is not down is in  
readonly mode. Use backup server .
Best Regards
Roberto Navoni

> Several OSM contributors have already done exactly this.  They have
> their own servers and offer tiles and other services with service
> level agreements for people and companies who want that level of
> service. You can be a client of theirs and use their services.  You
> can even offer similar services and compete with them.

> Of course with OpenStreetMap you can also improve the data in ways
> that are important to you.
> Best regards,
> Richard

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