[Osmf-talk] Two day of down server is not possible !!!!

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Sun Aug 23 14:05:07 UTC 2009

I agree with Richard. It is easy to get impression that openstreetmap.org is
or should be something like "gmaps" (with tile-based API, end-user services,
MyMaps etc). It is not, it is a database service, as OSM is primarly a
database project. Serving of tiles and showing maps on web is a nice
side-service but you should not relay on that when you use OSM data. It is
just for promotion and for database maintainers. There are other services
which provide you this, like CloudMade, probably others too. I do not want
to promote any specific commercial service provider here, but I know that
database hosting and tile serving is quite different thing and we need to
focus to the core business. Maybe OSM should even clearly discourage
developers to use OSM tiles in their apps?

However, 365*24 availability of the main API database servers would be very
nice anyway. A remote cold standby backup machine, could be with reduced
capability, so you do not need full 7 server stack over there? I did some
mapping yesterday and now I'm afraid that I will forget some details before
I can upload my changes. 

Ps. Can anyone done yet OSM-based "Google My Maps" service clone? Or is
there even any real global end-user oriented OSM map service? If there is,
or will be, then I would not mind to restrict openstreetmap.org maps for
logged in users only.


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> > If osm Will became a standard Service alternative to gmap or other
> > Service is important the redudancy of systems is not a problem of
> > customers fee . Now the customers is 125000 osm is AN a big community
> > need a backup server distribuited around the world
> Dear Roberto,
> That is one vision for the future of OpenStreetMap.  Do you know,
> Roberto, that you could be  running your own OSM server, with regular
> updates from the main server, and could be offering your own tiles and
> services to your clients right now?  You have these capabilities
> because of the freedoms granted you by the OpenStreetMap project.
> Several OSM contributors have already done exactly this.  They have
> their own servers and offer tiles and other services with service
> level agreements for people and companies who want that level of
> service. You can be a client of theirs and use their services.  You
> can even offer similar services and compete with them.
> Of course with OpenStreetMap you can also improve the data in ways
> that are important to you.
> Best regards,
> Richard
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