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Martinelli_Filas martinelli at filas.it
Thu Aug 27 12:15:20 UTC 2009

Dear all,

I am negotiating a sponsorship from a large global charity club to  
support 3 mapping parties in archeological areas next to Rome.
(I am organising also a speech for  Simone to promote OSM to the  
members of this club)

I would like them to pay for living expenses maybe some travell and  
possibly accomodation but for sure , hats, t-shirts and some GPS stuff  
to be donated to participants,  all this stuff I must order and get  
customized with the right logos, disclaimers and so on and so forth.;

Can somebody point me to the  right/updated logo/documentation to use  
and to the possible dependencies and constraints  to avoid mistakes.

Kind regards

Il giorno 26/ago/09, alle ore 21:52, Mike Collinson ha scritto:

> The Foundation's License Working Group has indeed considered this to  
> be a grave matter and felt obligated to consider it at our Tuesday  
> meeting.
> May I therefore comment [*] on the various cases.
> [1] The Toronto cake.
> Clearly, following the correct terms of a the CC BY-SA license, all  
> contributors to OpenStreetMap should have been attributed.  We  
> therefore suggest a simple solution. All 151,815  names should be  
> printed on rice-paper using a legible font. Copies should then be  
> sent to everyone who had a slice of the cake. They should they  
> consume the rice paper in the presence of a notary or other legal  
> professional. Since this is what is known as a legal "cure", we  
> recommend addition of an unpleasant flavour, preferably tasting  
> something between liquorice and gasoline.
> [2] The London cupcakes.
> On investigation, we find that the author of these geocomestibles is  
> a member of the License Working Group.  We congratulate him on his  
> artistry and pronounce ourselves infallible.
> [3] Mr. Gregory Marler's own cake
> Certainly a creative, productive, and unexpected use but sadly it  
> cannot be distributed under CC BY-SA.  The pub symbols were made  
> from a sugar-based commercial representation of bottles of a certain  
> extremely well-known soft drinks manufacturer, who we suspect would  
> be less than happy to see their product placed under share-alike  
> provisions.   The good news is that this would not be a problem  
> under ODbL 1.0 . The cake itself would be a Produced Work, allowing  
> the use of mixed data sources with incompatible licenses.
> Mike
> * The members of the License Working Group are not culinary  
> professionals and cannot offer definitive guidance. Please consult a  
> chef. All opinion offered here is on an "AS IS" basis and may not be  
> fit for purpose. We are not responsible for lack of taste or food  
> poisoning.
> Oh yes, and :-) :-)
> At 02:48 PM 24/08/2009, Mike Collinson wrote:
>> Dear Gregory,
>> This is a candieldy serious set of allegations, something which, if  
>> true, is not something our community should stomache. I am  
>> certainly not prepared to swallow it and will also raise the matter  
>> at the License Working Group meeting on Tuesday.
>> However, I would ask you to consider that spatio-comestibles is  
>> very much a pioneering area and that we at OpenStreetMap are a  
>> sweet way ahead of Google and the Ordnance Survey in the UK.  
>> Further, Richard's cake did remain fully on-line during this  
>> weekend's server maintenance period and we should be grateful for  
>> that. Perhaps all we need to do is add a properly attributed  
>> marzipan-layer to the slippy map?
>> And remember, only with OpenStreetMap can folks have their map and  
>> eat it too.
>> Best Regards,
>> Michael Collinson
>> :-)Â  :-)
>> At 01:33 24/08/2009, sotm at livingwithdragons.com wrote:
>>> I would like to inform the Foundation of two acts that need to be
>>> legally followed to protect the OpenStreetMap interests.
>>> 1. In Toronto a cake was produced using OpenStreetMap data that  
>>> need not
>>> have the correct attribution on it. See
>>> http://weait.com/content/openstreetmap-5th-birthday-party-toronto
>>> 2. In London, a number of cupcakes were produced with the OSM  
>>> trademark
>>> logo on top of the icing. This use of the registered trademark did  
>>> not
>>> have prior authorisation from OSMF.
>>> It is important that the foundation uses it's resources to take firm
>>> legal action, and most importantly make it widely known that my OSM
>>> birthday cake was far superior to them, perhaps only bettered by the
>>> Japanese cake makers. Does anybody know where SteveC will be  
>>> uploading
>>> his video interviews (including my winning speech)?
>>> Gregory Marler
>>> http://www.livingwithdragons.com
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