[Osmf-talk] New license proposal status II

Matthias Urlichs matthias at urlichs.de
Wed Dec 2 23:37:18 UTC 2009

On Mi, 2009-12-02 at 15:20 -0800, SteveC wrote:
> Do you think everyone here should have the ability to change what the
> LWG does, and if not they should have the right to write an essay on
> the email that goes out, or just you?
According to Frederick, the LWG is the party which changed their minds
recently. You neither contradicted him, nor did we get any rationale (at
least, not that I know of) why this option is no longer present.

For the record, I wouldn't want our map to be PD.
BUT this is supposed to be a democratic process and thus the option to
choose so may not be struck from the list of options without convincing

This part, at least, has nothing whatsoever to do with Frederick. So can
we focus on that, please?


-- Matthias
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