[Osmf-talk] New license change proposal status

Vance Briggs vance at axxe.co.uk
Thu Dec 3 12:04:10 UTC 2009

I agree  and think that SteveC's comments are common sense and allow
contributors the OPTION of releasing their data under a less-restrictive
license if they see fit.

It doesn't mean that all OSM data should be available under that license, or
that we think that the LWG is steamrolling ODbL.


2009/12/3 Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net>

> SteveC wrote:
> No, you misunderstand entirely.
> I am not at all suggesting that the vote is:
>    [  ] OSM should go ODbL
>    [  ] OSM should stay CC-BY-SA
>    [  ] OSM should go PD
> I am suggesting, as I have been since before LWG existed:
>    [  ]  Yes, OSM should go ODbL
>    [  ]  No, OSM should stay CC-BY-SA
>    [  ]  I don't care. Treat my contributions as PD.
> It is not a vote for turning the whole project PD. (I like ODbL.) It
> is a way for the user to signal that _their_ contributions are PD. It
> is, to borrow your phrase of a couple of years ago, "formalising the
> scheme that already exists on the wiki".
> It affords the user the right to licence their own contributions more
> liberally than the default (just like, say, Flickr), which is a matter
> of respect. But it's also an immensely useful user preference for OSMF
> to keep if, say, some unexpected asteroid-related licence incident
> happens next year, and another relicensing is required. If you have
> 500 PD users in the project, that's 500 fewer people whose agreement
> you need second time round.
> But hey, this response was written on a FreeBSD-based OS so clearly I
> should get down with the cool Linux kids. Apple seem to be doing ok
> though. ;)
> cheers
> Richard
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