[Osmf-talk] CC BY SA 2.0 and backup plan

Matt Amos matt at asklater.com
Sat Dec 5 14:23:08 UTC 2009

Jeroen Carelse wrote:
> I read the CC BY SA 2.0 under which the current data seems to be licensed.
> Based on my understanding I would be allowed to download all the data, put it on my server and use it under the  CC BY SA 2.0 stated conditions.
> I could in that case keep it as it is or perhaps start alt-OSM v3.0 ( to name something).
> In this way the current data would be safe guarded from, if any, possible disruptions or "white spots".
> What is wrong in my reasoning?

nothing. we will be providing a "full history planet" at the last point 
before the changeover itself to ensure that all data contributed under 
CC BY-SA is available. all previous planet files will, of course, 
continue to be CC BY-SA licensed.

i think it would be good to have this hosted on a read-only server 
somewhere, as there may be people who change their mind post-vote and 
need to "recover" their contributions. this process would be helped by 
making access to the old contributions easier.



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