[Osmf-talk] CC BY SA 2.0 and backup plan

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 5 22:52:09 UTC 2009


SteveC wrote:
> It's an extremely poor show to sit on the sidelines all this time and then pile in with that kind of stuff.

I cannot see anything on the "Why you should vote no" Wiki page that I 
haven't heard on legal-talk countless times. If someone posts their 
issues to legal-talk, and they get discussed but not resolved to their 
satisfaction, does it really count as "sitting on the sidelines all the 
time and then pile in with something" when they point out that their 
issues have not been resolved?

I don't think so. I believe such issues can be overruled by the OSMF 
membership, but they have to be known first. It is not for the LWG to 
say: Yeah, there is this issue but we think it is not a show-stopper, 
and then simply act as if the issue had been resolved.

The process may be rough-edged but nothing else will do. You cannot keep 
the controversy away from the members and hand them only the information 
the LWG wants them to have.

Most of the "why you should vote no" page has been contributed by 80n, 
and he has never held back with these views. I am fundamentally opposed 
to his views; I feel that ODbl still imposes MORE restrictions than I 
would like it to, whereas 80n thinks that ODbL imposes TOO LITTLE 
restrictions. But I vehemently support his right to air these views and 
especially make them known to voters in this vote. Anything else would 
be improper.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that if the LWG had made an effort to reach out 
to the critics and get their feedback, then 80n would have told you 
exactly what he writes on that page. Maybe you even have and he has. I 
can't see any holding back until the last minute here. The contrary is 
the case.

As for brandishing the process of freely and openly expressing one's 
opinion "disgusting and maybe disturbing", I hope that you have second 
thoughts on this statement and will retract it, because such public 
conduct by the OSMF chairman has the potential to damage the reputation 
of OSMF.


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