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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Dec 6 15:34:42 UTC 2009


DavidD wrote:
> Does that happen with the ODbL? It looks to me like once someone
> creates a produced work I can take it and do what I want. 

No; it is the decision of whoever makes the produced work whether or not 
he will let you take it and do what you want. He *can* publish his 
produced work as a PD work, or licensed CC-BY-SA, or under a proprietary 

> Including
> stripping the attribution and converting it back into osm format data.

The creator of the work has the same freedom in imposing terms on you 
that he would have if he would not be using OSM data. (Whether or not 
the creator of a work can keep you from deriving factual data from an 
image is probably different between jurisdictions.)

> You end up with two groups of people doing the same thing but with
> different requirements depending on if they started with data from
> openstreetmap.org or a produced work.

A produced work is only a produced work if it stops being a database. 
The exact definition is somewhat murky and will have to be fleshed out 
more, but anything from which you can extract the same amount and detail 
of data as you could from OSM directly is certainly not a produced work.

> Wouldn't it have been better to remove ths 'viral' aspect altogether

I believe so, but there are many in the project for whom even the 
proposed ODbL is already going too far. Some would like to force 
anything that remotely comes into contact with OSM to become "free" 
according to their respective definition.


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