[Osmf-talk] Share Alike images

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Mon Dec 7 10:51:04 UTC 2009

>> mapping a village is a matter of recording the accurate positions of
>> features and, while it certainly requires skill and intelligence, it
>> doesn't require creativity (or we wouldn't be hearing lawyers saying our
>> license doesn't work).
>> combining a stylesheet with geodata, as you say, requires no creativity.
>> in many cases it's as simple as running a program, which RichardF
>> already demonstrated isn't a creative activity.
>> *creating* a stylesheet is a very creative process, requiring judgement
>> and skill to balance the colours, line styles, iconography and
>> typography over various scales. have a go at it, it's harder than it
>> looks ;-)
> So you don't even want to license *creative* works under CC BY-SA?  Makes
> your argument that OSM shouldn't use CC BY-SA because it's broken for data,
> a bit thin.  You're really opposed to anything free except the poor suckers
> who contribute.  They get nothing back.
> How the hell did OSMF let someone with views like yours onto the LWG in the
> first place?  You really don't represent the views of the community.

Now I know your e-mail was a blatant plain and simple troll, but I'll
reply anyway, because.

The OSM mapnik tiles will still be licensed CC BY-SA after the switch.
Saying the LWG or Matt "don't even want to license *creative* works
under CC BY-SA" is just a little facetious, especially given the
amount of creative stuff Matt has released under CC licenses without
anybody forcing him to.

CC BY-SA is broken for data as is being handily proven in another
thread. If it's broken for data then at the moment it's broken for OSM
for everything but the mapnik tiles as served by OSM.

If it's broken for the data then I can right now go and take mapnik
and the OSM data, produce my own tiles as PD or whatever I want
without releasing anything back.

With ODbL those "poor suckers" get their data back which is a lot more
than the bunch of blurry pixels they currently can expect assuming I
bother honouring the BY-SA. If you want proper Freedom, then that's it
right there. As a bonus, some of us might continue releasing stuff as
BY-SA and BY anyway.


PS. Yes, personally I couldn't care less and wish it was all PD so
that I could sit around and "leach" my own mapping without having to
worry about some tag bot author trying to sue me for improper

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