[Osmf-talk] Share Alike images

Matt Amos matt at asklater.com
Mon Dec 7 13:36:36 UTC 2009

Dave Stubbs wrote:
>>> *creating* a stylesheet is a very creative process, requiring judgement
>>> and skill to balance the colours, line styles, iconography and
>>> typography over various scales. have a go at it, it's harder than it
>>> looks ;-)
>> So you don't even want to license *creative* works under CC BY-SA?  Makes
>> your argument that OSM shouldn't use CC BY-SA because it's broken for data,
>> a bit thin.  You're really opposed to anything free except the poor suckers
>> who contribute.  They get nothing back.
>> How the hell did OSMF let someone with views like yours onto the LWG in the
>> first place?  You really don't represent the views of the community.
> Now I know your e-mail was a blatant plain and simple troll, but I'll
> reply anyway, because.

let's take a look at some evidence, the doodle.com poll. currently there 
are 225 respondents, breaking down into 76% yes, 12% no and 12% don't 
know. that's a significant proportion of yes.

furthermore, 62% of yes correspondents feel that their data should be 
PD. overall 5 times more people feel that their data is PD than that we 
should continue with CC BY-SA*.

in about three weeks we'll have more evidence from the OSMF members and 
we will be able to see what the views of the community really are, 
rather than making trolling statements about based on our own 
expectations of them are.



*: although i'm sure that'll change now...

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