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Mon Dec 7 11:34:09 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 9:09 AM, James Livingston <doctau at mac.com> wrote:

> On 07/12/2009, at 9:57 AM, Simon Ward wrote:
> > If Openstreetmap’s
> > evolution involves a licence change that most believe to be for the
> > better, why should your data, agreed to be imported with rigid licensing
> > conditions, win?
> The data often doesn't have rigid licensing conditions, in the Australia
> cases it's CC-BY (not even with -SA), as the only condition is attribution
> "public domain" (or CC0 etc.) are probably the only less rigid options. The
> problem isn't that it's incompatible with OpenStreetMap's potential
> licensing choice (as I believe you would satisfy all the conditions of CC-BY
> when releasing as ODbL, having attribution) it's the Contributor Terms that
> cause the issue.
> The contributor terms would let us re-license their data to any arbitrary
> licence, including one that doesn't require attribution.
> > If you don’t agree to Openstreetmap’s own terms, you have the existing
> > OSM data, you have your other data, combine them, it doesn’t have to be
> > in Openstreetmap.
> Well, we could re-use that argument right now - why not take your data and
> go somewhere else? I think that having other project re-use our data is
> good, not everything belongs in OSM. However for the things that do belong
> in OSM, it would be good to have them here.
> > I find the success of Openstreetmap valuable, but
> > beyond that, it’s not just Openstreetmap that’s valuable, it’s free
> > geodata, and beyond that it’s free data.  The great thing about free
> > data is that you can use it elsewhere, and not have one entity
> > monopolise it.
> Yes, it would be good to use all this free data elsewhere. Except that if
> someone makes data available under ODbL, we can't use it in OSM (except via
> overlaying it as a Produced Work) because of the Contributor Terms. One of
> the touted benefits of ODbL is that we can force people to release their
> combined data, whereas CC-BY-SA isn't enforceable so they wouldn't have to.
> While getting them to release it is good, being able to use it in OSM would
> be even better.

Yes, we can force people to release data under ODbL but we can't force them
to sign the Contributor Terms and so OSM wouldn't benefit from their work.

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