[Osmf-talk] Share Alike images

James Livingston doctau at mac.com
Tue Dec 8 09:19:57 UTC 2009

On 08/12/2009, at 9:21 AM, Henk Hoff wrote:
> Within OSM we are with a great group of people how are all advocates of free data. However, there are still a lot of people in the world outside OSM who are even more evil than the evil-ist person here! To protect the goals of the OSM-project (creating free maps) a Share-Alike clause is very important.
> The Share-Alike clause is a simple we-all-benefite. It's *only* a restriction when you want to modify the data (e.g. to make it more accurate) and want to release that modified database under a closed license.

Waxing philosophical about whether share-alike is good or not is never going to get this issue anywhere. If anyone wants to, please go avail yourself of _two decades_ of GPL versus BSD arguments. Since that that argument hasn't abated in the good time it's had, I doubt this one is going to go anywhere.

All you can really do is find out which side if the majority, and then piss off the other side.

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