[Osmf-talk] OpenStreetMap in UK's New Scientist

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Dec 9 20:58:30 UTC 2009


paul sandham wrote:
> Let me know. I have put together a fair few media information packs in 
> my time so I would ensure that the image quality etc was sufficiently 
> good for each media type i.e web, print etc.

Excellent! Very good to have someone with relevant experience on board.

Only reservation I'd have is that we have to make sure to double-check 
what is shown on the pictures because if e.g. there's a Garmin device 
with a proprietary map on it, or a device that, unbeknownst to you and 
me, is unsuitable for GPX recording, then we'd risk becoming ridiculed 
by using that material. (I remember that there was a Canadian province 
that recently got some undesired press coverage by using photos from the 
Caribbean to promote the natural beauty of their region... that kind of 


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