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And going one further, a search for openstreetmap on flickr comes up with a
nice assortment of images, most of which one would hope are CC licensed (or
should that be ODbL - aargh, let's not go there!).

And in fact there's an OpenStreetMap group on flickr

Paul if you're willing to pick out a good assortment (from those sources or
elsewhere) I think that would be great!


On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 1:24 PM, paul sandham <prsandham at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Rather than shoot our own photos or get someone to do this as has been
> suggested. Why not just go to flickr and in the spirit of what we are doing
> look for some good images be that blonde, redhaired and even God forbid
> bald!  I am happy to ask the flickr users for permission for this image to
> be used in an OSM media pack? With attribution of course;))
> As an example I typed "GPS and map" and immediately found this image
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/tessamac/2936549374/
> I am happy to put together a selection of images from flickr users (with
> permission from the users) for your comments, approval or otherwise.
> Let me know. I have put together a fair few media information packs in my
> time so I would ensure that the image quality etc was sufficiently good for
> each media type i.e web, print etc.
> What perhaps would be good for OSM Foundation members and contributors to
> do themselves would be to shoot, contribute any video material that they may
> have or want to take so that an edited video can be put up on vimeo of a
> "mapathon" day edited specifically for usage/additional editing by broadcast
> media.
> Again happy to help on this.
> Paul
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