Edoardo 'Yossef' Marascalchi edoardo at edoardomarascalchi.it
Wed Jul 29 10:01:38 UTC 2009

Frederik Ramm ha scritto:
> Nick,
> Nick Black wrote:
>> I'm going to be standing for election to the OSM Foundation Board again 
>> this year.
> Do you and Steve have any comment on Richard Weait's suggestion that 
> from every commercial organisation, at most one person should be a 
> member of the OSMF board (http://weait.com/cloudmade-layoffs)? I'm very 
> supportive of that, although not exactly out of fear that you might both 
> be looking for a new job at the same time, but more along the lines of 
> what RichardF said in the comments section on that page.
IMHO, we should'nt make a statement like this one. If every single 
commercial entity interested in using OSM datas should have a seat in 
the OSMF board, in the future, how many seats should be made off the board?
> This would mean that *either* your *or* SteveC should be on the board 
> but not both of you. It is of course everyone's right to stand for 
> election and let the voters decide if they support Richard's suggestion 
> or not - but I would be interested in hearing your opinion.
This is a no-sense limitation too. The board is elected. If 2 people 
from the same company is elected in the board i can't see any problem. 
Maybe we can decide that a single company could not have more then a 1/3 
of the seats in the board. (in this case, the board is composed of 5 
seats, it measn not 2 people again, but it is a different problem...)
We could consider to have a "commercial working group" who could give 
just raccomandation to the board from a business point of view composed 
just by people from companies usign OSM datas.

> Personally I would prefer a board made up exclusively of people not 
> associated with OSM-related commercial organisations but I am realist 
> enough to see that it is unlikely to happen.
why? what's the problem about?


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