[Osmf-talk] OSMF and Evangelism

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jul 30 20:40:12 UTC 2009


Rafael Morales wrote:
> As those of us that attended SOtM saw, there are a lot of folks doing
> amazing work in their home countries with access to literally one or
> two GPS units, imagine what could be done if we can provide some of
> these mappers with additional resources!

That's something that would have my full support - there is someone 
there doing the work, he's asking us for support, let's do it.

I'm only wary about the idea of identifying "weak" spots by pointing at 
a map in central command and then figuratively sending our troops in to 
fix things. To me, that smacks of old-style "we know what is best for 
you poor guys" development aid.

But I might be arguing against a strawman here; of course there's 
nothing wrong with individuals spreading the word because they feel they 
have good news. I just want it to come from the heart instead of being 

When someone says that it is OSMF's role to spread the project to 
foreign places I automatically think of money, of funds being allocated. 
When I speak to a person and that person says: "I want to work more to 
make OSM known in Kenya" then I tend to assume that this is a personal 
thing close to that person's heart and they're doing something about it 
which is perfectly ok. When, on the other hand, somebody says "I think 
the OSMF should work more on making OSM known in Kenya" I automatically 
think "OMG, paid community ambassadors for Kenya".

Perhaps an over-reaction on my part.


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