[Osmf-talk] Rogue newbie mapper in Copenhagen

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Fri Nov 20 14:12:10 UTC 2009


We have in the last week or so had an intense diskussion with an apparently
rogue newbie [0] on the talk-dk list.

He presented himself as someone who had done "the massive changes" in the
bicycle way system, and he would continue to go ahead "full speed" no matter
what anyone said. He said that he dislikes the (legal) cycleway=track tags,
and was going to change all those to parallel highway=bicycle ways. His
motivation is:

> A seperat bike lane has a seperat life and should be:
> highway-cycleway
> That gives you a blue exctra line/road! 

(cf. a single posting in english for some reason [1]).

His edits are indeed massive and spread over the entire Copenhagen area.

His attitude in the email discussion has been very defiant, and when asked
to hold back for having a discussion first, he has dismissed that with "I am
using the german and dutch method" (whatever that means), and "please let me
know why we should not do things like it's done in Germany and Netherlands."
He appears to ask for a discussion, but apparently disregards objections and
insists on compliance with his approach.

Inspecting his work, it is obvious that it is technically of poor quality,
and many artefacts have been introduced such as jagged connections to
crossing side roads, bumps on T-intersections etc. I am suspecious that the
edits are "living-room" edits without survey.

It is true that cycleways in Denmark are sometimes tagged and sometimes
traced as parallel ways on the main road. The consensus is, (in my
interpretation) that a cycleway is defined the way it is for some reason,
and the decision of the original mapper should be respected unless you
perform a new survey and/or consult with the original mapper.

He has not responded to other mappers' statements that the cycleway
infrastructure in Denmark is different from some other countries, and that
the danish mapping community has not yet settled on common guidelines on how
to do this.

What is the experience of the readership of this list on how to deal with
rogue mappers? How do we decide whether or not to roll back his edits? Is
there a specific code of conduct or guidelines for the OSM that can help in
this regard?

I am on purpose sending to the osmf-talk list and not osm-talk or talk-dk
because I do not want to unnecessarily fuel the fire at this point.

Morten (mok0)

[0] http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Niels%20Beck
[1] http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-dk/2009-November/000241.html

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