[Osmf-talk] Resolution of tied board election voting

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Aug 10 19:48:18 UTC 2010

Dear Members,

The board had a short meeting today, (draft minutes at https://docs.google.com/View?id=dd9g3qjp_75n79q2ggz ),

The tied election result was decided by tossing a coin as this was considered fairest to both candidates.

I therefore have pleasure in announcing Oliver Kühn as the third elected board member in this year's election.

As this will almost certainly be my last message as Secretary, I wish the new board well and assure them of my continued support.

Michael Collinson

OpenStreetMap Foundation
michael at osmfoundation.org

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At 09:44 PM 27/07/2010, Mike Collinson wrote:
>Dear Members,
>I now announce the voting result as follows. As one voter wrote: "a tough choice among great candidates".  Congratulations to Emilie and Iván on election to the board.  Third place is tied and I am conferring with the board as the fairest method of resolving this.
>Kate Chapman           50
>Thea Clay                  33
>Emilie Laffray             94
>Oliver Kühn                74
>Lars Francke              74
>Iván Sánchez Ortega   81
>61 voters casting in person
>97 proxy voters casting via email
>We had to void some voters as follows. This took some time as it has a material effect on third place.
>0 Spoilt votes
>2 email votes voided as also voted in person
>4 votes voided as from members not fully paid up as of AGM (0 proxy, 4 AGM)
>7 votes voided as not from members (6 proxy, 1 AGM)
>I would like to personally thank all the candidates for standing and also express my appreciation to election scrutineers Dave Stubbs and Simon Ward for the time and diligence they put in making sure we got everything right.
>Michael Collinson

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