[Osmf-talk] changeover date of account locking

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 14:47:02 UTC 2010

im just wondering when the changeover date is, when those accounts who
have not accepted the contributor terms will be locked, as well as the
date when the final planet.osm file will be made available, where new
edits are odbl only?

to create a 'pure odbl' database, it would be best to create a new
API, then just start injecting the database with pure-odbl acceptable

This process can already begin now, if it has not started already.

This way, each database is starting fresh with 'untainted data' and
can continue to be built with it's own separate ways.

and its only the final planet.osm file that needs to be sorted.  Where
is some cases manual re-survaying would be needed, to fill in the gaps
where data would be missing.

This is my own opintion, and i dont need a reply.  But i would like a
reply from the 1st question.  An estimated month is fine if you dont
have an exact date for the changeover.


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